Monday, February 13, 2012

Granny Square {Tutorial}

Hey friends! Today I am going to share with you the pattern for the granny squares I have been making. There’s nothing fancy about them but I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial since I got quite a few emails with questions about them. In this post I will walk you through the pattern and also throw in a couple tricks to make things a little easier.

IMG_1658 edit

First you need to pick your yarn. I think this is where you can have fun and pick whatever yarn you would like. Hey even a bulky yarn might be cool! I’m sure it would be nice and warm and cozy. Either way, granny squares are always great for getting rid of some of your stash. I am using the lovely Stylecraft acrylic yarn I ordered awhile back. I have a ton of it so I have no concerns about running out!

Granny squares also let you be creative with your colors. You could use every color of the rainbow or just two or three colors. Every couple squares, I also let my daughter take a turn and choose the colors. They may not always go together but that’s ok! I think it just makes the square that much more special and she feels like she is helping.

For mine, I have a variety of colors and the squares are all bordered with white. Here are the colors I chose for this square.

IMG_1668 edit

As far as a hook size, the best is to use whatever your yarn label recommends. You can also use whatever you like. I am using 4.50 mm hook for this project since the Stylecraft is a little thinner. 


Lets get started! Again this is just the way I have been doing it.

First start with a magic ring (aka magic loop). I highly recommend learning this!

Chain 3 then work one dc into the ring and ch1. This counts as your first cluster

IMG_1673 edit

The next step is to make clusters. To do this, yarn over and insert your hook into the ring, yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook. Instead of finishing like a dc, you will yarn over and insert hook into the ring again.

IMG_1675 edit IMG_1677 edit

Yarn over and pull up a loop.Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook. Next, yarn over and pull through the 3 remaining loops on your hook. You have now completed one cluster.

Ch 1

IMG_1678 edit IMG_1679 edit

Do this until you have 8 clusters (which includes the ch 3 and dc at the beginning)

IMG_1680 edit

Tighten your ring and join with a sl st into the top of your ch 3

IMG_1681 edit IMG_1684 edit

At this point you can either continue with the same color, or you can start a new one. I will be starting a new color. To do this, cut off current color and finish off

IMG_1686 edit

Tip #1… How to join new yarn

First place a slip knot on your hook

IMG_1688 edit

Next insert your hook in any of the chain one spaces (in between two clusters)

IMG_1689 edit

Yarn over and make a sl st

IMG_1691 edit

Now we will start round 2

Ch 3 and make 2 dc’s in same space, ch1. In next ch1 space, work 3 dc’s and ch 1.

IMG_1692 edit

Continue doing this all the way around and join with a sl st into ch 3. You should have 8 sets of 3 dc’s

IMG_1708 edit

Round 3

Tip #2… Weaving in ends as you go

I think weaving in ends is one of the down sides to crocheting. Either way, I try to keep it as easy as possible.

As I am working the next round, I carry the ends along the back of my work, working my dc’s around the ends.

IMG_1694 edit IMG_1703 edit

As you can see, it saves you a lot of time at the end. When you are done with the round, just clip the ends and you’re done with them! I recommend doing this after each round. There’s nothing more annoying than having to go back after making 5 beautiful squares and then going back and dealing with the ends.

IMG_1705 edit IMG_1706 edit

Round 3

Also Tip #3… Starting next round with the same color

For this round I am keeping the same color. This tip is quick and simple. It saves you from cutting your yarn and joining again. Also your work will look nicer.

What you need to do is get to the next ch 1 space so you can start the next round. Some will work into the ch 1 space behind the chain 3 but I think that makes things look a little sloppy.

To get to the next ch 1 space, simply slip stitch into the next two dc’s then into the next ch 1 space.

IMG_1709 edit

IMG_1711 edit

Easy Peasy!

Now we will work the first corner of the square into the ch 1 space

Ch 3 and work 2 dc’s in same space. Chain 2, work 3 dc’s in same space. ch 1

IMG_1713 edit IMG_1716 edit

There’s your first corner

IMG_1717 edit

Next, work 3 dc’s into the next ch 1 space. Ch 1

IMG_1718 edit  IMG_1719 edit

Into the next ch 1 space you will be working another corner. Work 3 dc’s, ch 2, 3 dc’s into same space. ch 1

IMG_1720 edit

Continue doing this all the way around until you have a square shape. Sl st into ch 3

IMG_1721 edit

Round 4

This round will be the same as round 3 except you will have two spaces of 3 dc’s in between each corner.

I will be joining a new color this round. Make a slip knot on your hook, insert into the ch 2 space in the corner of your square.

IMG_1722 edit IMG_1723 edit

Ch 3… make 2 dc’s, ch 2, 3 dc’s in same space. Ch 1

Meanwhile, bringing your ends from the previous row along your work

IMG_1725 edit IMG_1727 edit

Work 3 dc’s ch 1 in the next two ch 1 spaces… Keeping those ends along the back of the work

IMG_1728 edit IMG_1729 editIMG_1730 edit

In next ch 1 space, work another corner. 3 dc’s, ch 2, 3 dc’s in same space. Ch 1

IMG_1731 edit

I like to keep the ends along one side and under one more corner. Just so they’re really secure. One downside to running a different color yarn along the back is that it’s visible. If you don’t like that, you can weave it into the corner. I’ll show you how to do that later. Go ahead and cut your ends when you’re done with the round. Again it’s a time saver!


IMG_1733 edit IMG_1734 edit

Round 4 is done!

IMG_1737 edit

Something else about granny squares that is great is deciding how big you want them. You can do as many or as little rounds as you would like. If you want to do more from here, just repeat round 4.

IMG_1740 edit

I like making my squares bigger. I can use more colors and I don’t have to make as many for the blanket!

IMG_1744 edit

One square is finished! With many more to go. But that’s the fun part. Picking and playing with new colors and watching your blanket grow.

It’s also fun to play with different patterns within your square too. Whether it’s repeating a color or making each round different, it always has a unique look. Check out these three squares

IMG_1841 edit IMG_1842 editIMG_1840 edit

Now that you are done with your square, it’s time to weave in the ends that are left. Unfortunately there will always be some left.

I start by bringing my yarn down once through a corner

IMG_1747 edit

Now I like to weave the yarn in a zig-zag motion through the corner, making sure I go one way then back the other way at least once.

IMG_1749 edit writing

IMG_1752 edit IMG_1758 edit

Once you have gone through as many times as you’d like, just snip the end and you’re done.

IMG_1760 edit

So there you have it! How to make a simple granny square.

As far as joining your squares, there are many different options. I currently am using the join-as-you-go method. I got the tutorial here. I ended up tweaking it a little as I went along and got comfortable with it.

Other ways to join are a simple whip stitch, doing slip stitches or single crochets, or even joining with double crochets. These methods can all be found on the internet.


Thanks everyone for reading! I apologize for not being able to post this last week. Feel free to email me with any questions!


vikki said...

wow..that is an awesome tutorial..I am sure you helped many people out in blogland..and your patience to shoot all the photos..I am in awe..Have a great day

Fiona Skye said...

What a great tutorial! And thanks for the link to the magic circle video. I've never quite been able to figure out how to make those.

Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine said...

Oooh, so pretty! Once life settles down and I have time to crochet for fun, I must try making these. I love your color choices!

Ana BC said...

Great explanation! Not only for the granny, but also to weave in the ends. Thanks for sharing.
And I lovely the color you chose. I am planning on making a granny blanket, and I got inspired.
Ana BC

Louise said...

I've been sitting here this evening with the laptop open following your tutorial and after a few false starts I now have 2 squares! They aren't as neat or tight as yours but they are square (the first attempts definitely weren't!!!)so I'm chuffed with them. Thanks for the tutorial.

Jane said...

Awesome tutorial Mary! I think it's time for me to get my yarn out and give it a try :)

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

Great tutorial!! Your crocheting is flawless!

Dawn said...

Love your colours. I have just started my granny blanket, and did the chain 4 join with a slip stitch, method. Would have done your method if I had found it earlier!

Ilona said...

I just found your lovelly blog! Wow, what a great inspiration!
Love, love it!
Hugs from The Netherlans (europe)

Koki Crochet said...

a big thaank you, thats even easier than traditional square i've been trying for two days, but i managed to do yours in few minutes thanks to your easy peasy instructions..
i'll make another one, atach the both and make a bag YAAAAAAAAAy

Patty said...

I can't wait to do this!! I've looked at patterns for it, but the lines of instructions just get too overwhelming for me. Your step-by-step instructions WITH pictures are awesome!! Thank you so much!!

Katy said...

Love this tutorial! Do you have directions on how to join these?

Katy said...

Never mind. I should have read the whole post. Very clear instructions. Thanks again!

Lynn said...

Wonderful tutorial. I wanted to learn how to make a granny square and your directions are wonderful and the photos are perfect. Thank You so much

Roberta Mendes said...

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Roberta Mendes said...

Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
Visit my blog - Tita Carré - free patterns crochet

filmsandfun said...

Hi, I am rather new to crocheting and I love your tutorial, but I don´t quite understand the loop that you leave out when you change colours :)

Angela Smith said...

I just love your website and amazed to see you efforts,I am also new in crocheting, want to learn more,
I found this Crochet Hook Set in amazon, is it good idea to buy these??

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