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Tunisian Crochet How-To … Tunisian Crossed Stitch

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Are you guys ready for another Tunisian crochet stitch? I hope you all liked the Basic Tunisian Stitch.  I thought I would post a new one today so you could practice over the weekend.

This stitch is called The Crossed Stitch. It’s another easy one and is a lot the like the first stitch, with a little twist.

Let’s get started!

I chained 17 this time, but you can do any odd number you like

IMGP3814 edit

You will start with the foundation row (both passes)

Note: The foundation row will always be the same, with possibly an adjustment on the amount you chain. You can refer back to the Basic Tunisian Stitch if you need a refresher on the foundation row

IMGP3816 edit

Now we will start Row 1, the Forward Pass (working right to left)

Skip the 1st and 2nd vertical bar and insert your hook into the 3rd vertical bar

IMGP3818 edit

IMGP3819 edit

Yarn over…

IMGP3820 edit

And pull up a loop. You will now have two loops on your hook

IMGP3821 edi bar

Next we will be going back and working into the 2nd vertical bar we skipped

Don’t do any type of fancy turning or anything like that here. Just bring your hook back and insert it into the 2nd vertical from right to left.

IMGP3823 edit

Yarn over…

IMGP3824 edit

… and pull up a loop. You  now have three loops on your hook.

If you can see, you have crossed the stitches. Pretty cool huh?

IMGP3825 edit

You will continue to do this all the way across. I’ll show you one more time.

Skip the next vertical bar and insert your hook into the next vertical bar.

IMGP3826 edit bars

Yarn over…

IMGP3828 edit

… and pull up a loop

IMGP3830 edit bars

Insert hook into skipped vertical bar

IMGP3831 edit

Yarn over…

IMGP3832 edit

… and pull up a loop

Continue doing this all the way across

IMGP3835 edit

At the end you should have two vertical bars, which includes the last bar at the end

IMGP3837 edit

Work the crossed stitch the same way, working into that last bar.

IMGP3838 edit

IMGP3841 edit

Just wait until you have a couple more rows. You’ll really be able to see the pattern

For Row 1, the Return Pass

Working left to right, yarn over and pull through the first loop on your hook. The rest of the pass, you will yarn over and pull through two loops at a time until you have one loop left on your hook.

IMGP3848 edit

*Repeat Row 1 until you get the amount of rows you would like

Here is my swatch! Isn’t the pattern awesome? I love the thick texture and cool vertical rows it makes.

IMGP3852 edit

Here is the shorter stitch pattern

Tunisian Crossed Stitch
Foundation Row (both passes): Work same Foundation Row as the basic Tunisian stitch.
Row 1 (forward pass): Sk first vertical bar of previous row, *keeping all loops on hook, sk next vertical bar, insert hook from right to left under next vertical bar, yo and draw up a loop, insert hook from right to left under skipped vertical bar, yo and draw up a loop; rep from * across. Do not turn.
Row 1 (return pass): Work same as Foundation Row (return pass).
Rep both passes of Row 1

Finishing off

Instead of doing a different post on finishing off, I’ll just include it here.

I have learned that some Tunisian Crochet patterns may have you finish off the same way for every stitch. This would be the way I showed you in the basic stitch finishing post. You are more than welcome to do that if it is easier for you.

I personally like to finish off the same way the pattern goes, if that makes sense. I’ll just show you!

To finish off (doing the forward pass), instead of bringing up loops on your hook, you will just make a slip stitch.

For the crossed stitch, you will skip the first two vertical bars and insert your hook into the 3rd vertical bar

IMGP3856 edit

Yarn over…

IMGP3857 edits

…And pull through both loops on your hook. You will have one loop on your hook

IMGP3860 edit bar

Now go back and work into the skipped vertical bar

Insert your hook into the skipped bar, yarn over

IMGP3862 edit

and pull through both loops on your hook

You’ve now made another crossed stitch but you have finished it off.

IMGP3863 edit

Continue to do this all the way across and finish off the work.

IMGP3870 edit cropped

I hope you liked the Tunisian Crossed Stitch! Again don’t hesitate to email or comment with any questions.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Rosetta said...

Finalmente ho trovato una buona spiegazione, grazie.

Richard Rose said...

Ellen Gormley designed a child's jacket with a variaion on this that had the crosses offset on each row so you don't get the columns, but I quite like your version also.

Anna said...

Beautiful ! Very good explanation but I don't think I can do it.
Hug and have a great weekend too

Sandy said...

Can't wait to give this one a try Mary. Thanks so much for the great instructions, I love learning new stitches!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

I've only ever done Tunisian with the basic stitch for some personalized pillows. I am excited to see this tutorial (so easy to see with the close-up pics) and move forward in my skills THANKS TO YOU! I can't brag enough about this post. You make it look so easy. What type of projects would you use this stitch for? Panels for a sweater? I am now looking forward to learning more Tunisian!
~ t.

Liz said...

I love the pictures. It makes what might have made difficult instructions, easy.

Jennifer Whitesel said...

Mine is curling up from the bottom horribly, the basic stitch did the same thing as well. Any tips on how to fix that? Oh and awesome tutorial!

Laura Edmonds said...

Thanks so much for this post!! I am working this yarn and the hook and it works!! I have tried knitting in the past and was completely frustrated with it and the 2 needles. So with a little time, I should be able to move right along with new patterns. THANK YOU!!

Silly Little Sheep said...

Thank you so much for making such a nice tutorial!!! I just started with the basic stitch and I cannot wait to try this one out! :D Thaks again and have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

I just recently learned how to Tunisian Crochet and I'm addicted to it! Your instructions for various stitches are wonderful and just what I've been trying to find. Thank you!

Pam-Doggirl3 said...

Thank-you so much for sharing this pattern. It might make me a nice border.
Pam G.

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