Friday, May 23, 2014

Rainbow Doll Blanket

I had so much fun making this cute little doll blanket. The colors were fun and it made a certain 5 year old VERY happy.
I made a bigger blanket with this same pattern for my friend Jess. You can check it out here
Here is an unnecessary large amount of pictures for you…(wink)
IMG_8891 edit
IMG_8904 edit
IMG_8913 edit
IMG_8916 edit
IMG_8918 edit
My daughter isn’t really big on dolls but she loves her stuffed animals. She has one special one in mind that was going to be able to cuddle with this blanket. It was her favorite guy, Pluto.
The morning I gave it to her, she tucked Pluto in all cozy in his cradle.
Wherever Pluto goes, the blanket goes. I’m so happy she likes it!
IMG_8890 edit
Pattern: Child’s Chevron Throw from Lion Brand (I just made a smaller version)
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice and Loops & Threads Impeccable
Hook: 5mm

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A New Home

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with finding the best place to keep my current projects I am working on. I have tried many different things. Baskets of all sizes, my crochet bag I made, Michael’s or Joann’s bags, and even plastic bags. Nothing seemed to work after awhile. Stuff would fall out, it would be too big or too small, it wasn’t sturdy enough, or it was hard to store away when I’m not using it.

My good friend Rachel came to visit a couple months ago and took me to a store called Gordman’s. Wow is that place cool! Lots of decorating stuff and anything else you can imagine. I loved it. Fast forward to Easter weekend when my Mother-in-law came to visit. I decided to take her there (along with a couple other stores, which is fun). She loved it too!

As we were walking around, we spotted these canvas feeling fabric baskets. It was exactly what I was looking for to keep my projects in!

Check it out

IMG_8824 edit

It’s nice and deep, sturdy, and has a big opening at the top. I can just keep my yarn in the basket as I’m working so it’s not going all over the place. I also need to keep in mind little child hands trying to grab at my stuff.

Winking smile

IMG_8826 edit

I also love the pattern. It’s really pretty

IMG_8833 edit

So far this basket has been working great! I hope this one will be a keeper


What do you use to keep your current projects in?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Slowly Getting My Groove Back

Hello! I hope you are all doing well! I am starting to slowly get my crafty groove back, which is a great feeling. I missed it!

I have been having trouble balancing mommy hood and everything else going on. I’m sure a lot of you moms understand! I have a confession: I am looking forward to my daughter being done with school. I am looking forward to the carefree summer days full of outside time, relaxing, crocheting, and being with my kids.

The other day I had just finished a monster scarf that was a custom order. It was huge and weird but hey if that’s what the customer wants, I will do it! Anyway, I realized I wanted a break. I wanted to start up my daughters knitted pig again and do something I enjoy. She then asked if I could make her stuffed animals a rainbow blanket. I thought, PERFECT! A fun and quick project was just what I needed.

So we headed to my yarn stash and got every color of the rainbow. I decided to do the ripple pattern I used for this blanket. It’s been quick, fun, and so pretty! I did my math wrong and didn’t make enough stripes for each color but I will just start the rainbow pattern over again. No biggy

Check it out so far!

IMG_8823 edit

Very colorful indeed! My daughter wanted a rainbow pattern because she found an old baby blanket of mine from when I was little. It’s rainbow stripes all the way across. It matched the theme of my room when I was little! My mom even painted a huge rainbow over my crib, which was really cool.

I hope Hailey will like the blanket for her animals and dolls. I am loving the colors and ripples

Have a great weekend friends! I’m getting my groove back

Winking smile

Thursday, March 20, 2014

20% off Winter Gear

Winter gear discount

I friends! I’m sorry I haven’t check in for awhile. I am having trouble balancing my mom duties with everything else going on. My little guy, who is almost 15 months, is keeping me busy at home while my daughter is busy doing school and gymnastics. I hope to get back into some type of crafty groove soon!

For now, I am reducing the prices for all of my winter gear in the Etsy shop! All infinity scarves, woman’s hats, ear warmers, and slouchy hats are now 20% off.

Click here for 20% off Winter Gear

winter gear callage

Have a great Thursday and Happy Spring!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Knitted Slouchy Hats!

Lindsay from Hello Hue once again took some great pictures of her in my slouchy hats for the Etsy shop. She lives in Boston and always finds the coolest spots to take her pictures! Not to mention, her outfits are always awesome too.

This time I made an off white and a sapphire color for her. Check out her outfit blog post here!

Knitted Slouchy Hat in Off White




I ended up making myself an off white hat as well and I love wearing it! I always forget I can make myself hats too


Knitted Slouchy Hat in Sapphire



I am so thankful she is willing to take these awesome pictures for my shop! If you get a chance, check out her blog too.


Pattern: The Syndie Slouchy from The Velvet Acorn

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and Loops & Threads Cozy Wool

Needles: 13mm and 15mm Circular needles


I absolutely love this pattern! This is great if you are a new knitter. It uses bulky yarn and big needles so it works up really fast.


I am also offering 15% off orders in my Etsy shop for the rest of February! Use code BEMINE15 when you check out

Fountain Top Creations


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