Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Family Favorite: Tasty Toad-in-the-Holes

I thought I would share a recipe that is a huge family favorite. My mom made these for me when I was little and I still love them today. Now my daughter loves them! I make these for guests when they come as well and they’re a big hit.

Now, I know this breakfast is floating around even from the big time cooks like Paula Deal and The Pioneer Woman. They do things just a little different and they have a different name. So here is how we do it in our fam.

Warning: All of this detailed picture taking makes me a huge nerd. But I hope it helps in the long run :)

So here you are folks…. How to make the Toad-in-the-Hole

What you need

  • Slice of bread

  • 1 egg

  • butter

  • pan

  • spatula

  • Cup or glass with sharp edges

  • A hungry person


First what you need to do is cut a hole in your piece of bread using a cup or glass

DSC_0248 edit

Very important! Do not throw away the middle

(I saw Paula Dean throw her middle away. Shame on her)

DSC_0250 edit

In a pan melt a little butter on a medium heat

DSC_0251 edit

While that’s going, butter one side of the piece of bread and BOTH sides of the middle piece

DSC_0266 edit

Buttering the middle part is kind of tricky. Just rest it on the other piece of bread or a plate

DSC_0267 edit

DSC_0252 edit

Next put the bread unbuttered side down into the pan. Let is cook for just a little bit. Then crack one egg into the middle of it (You can add salt and pepper if you’d like)

DSC_0253 edit DSC_0254 edit

After the egg starts to cook and the bread is turning brown, give it a flip! Try not to undercook the egg because it can get a little runny

DSC_0255 edit DSC_0256 edit

Once the its all cooked, take it out and put on a plate

Next you get to cook the little round guy. Or as my daughter calls it, “The Circle”

DSC_0257 edit DSC_0258 edit

DSC_0259 edit

This is where it gets really good

Put the round guy on top of the egg

DSC_0260 edit

There’s the finished product!

DSC_0263 edit

But we’re not done. This is the most important part of all of it

There is a reason this is called a TOAD-in-the-Hole. The kids love this! (Well I still do too)

This must be done before you eat it.

You take your spatula, lift up the middle and say… “Riiiiiibbit!”

DSC_0261 edit riiibit

How cool is that? I think doing this even makes it taste a little better :)

Next I need to give you a couple tips on how to eat this thing

First to eat the middle, I recommend doing a little dipping

So you break the egg yoke

DSC_0270 edit

And dip!

DSC_0271 edit

DSC_0272 edit

Ohhhh yeah

DSC_0274 edit

Now after this do what you want but I still like to keep on dipping. So I dip the corners as well.

DSC_0277 edit

No matter how you eat it, it will be fabulous!

So what do you think? Do you get what I mean about being a huge nerd with these pictures? :)


So there you have it, how to make a Toad-in-the-Hole!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Linked Stitch Tablet Cover

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you more pictures of the tablet cover I made. I made this a long time ago and am just now finishing up writing out the pattern. I will share it with you guys… someday!

IMG_1007 edit

I made this tablet cover for our iPad. I used the Linked Stitch, which makes it very sturdy. I love this stitch since there are less holes in the work so it’s nice and solid. Great for protecting our precious iPad.

Winking smile

IMG_1004 edit

For the edge I used the Crab Stitch (also called the Backwards Single Crochet). I think it’s a nice way to finish it off

IMG_1005 edit

This pattern will be easy to adjust to whichever tablet you have, big or small.

IMG_1012 edit

IMG_1009 edit

Again, I hope to have the pattern finished up sometime so I can share it with you. I will also post a quick tutorial first on how to do the Linked Stitch.

Have a great Tuesday!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{ WIP Wednesday }

Wow, I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday post in a long time. Let alone three blog posts in a row!

So here’s what I’m working on…

Writing up a pattern for this tablet case using the Linked Crochet Stitch. I am also going to do a tutorial on how to do the Linked Stitch before I post the pattern. It’s really easy but a very sturdy stitch. Perfect for protecting our precious tablets!

IMG_1012 edit

The Buddy Blanket… It’s going slow since I made a mistake. I haven’t even finished the first row!

IMG_1018 edit

More granny squares

IMG_1022 edit

IMG_1031 edit

That’s all for now! Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Today is my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party in her kindergarten class. I thought I would show you what we (cough cough… I) made for her class.

So I have this problem where I can’t just buy regular paper Valentines from a store anymore. No, I need to go big with something handmade that takes me hours. I blame Pinterest

So here are all of the Valentines goodies…

IMG_0949 edit

First, Hailey had to decorate a box for the Valentines she receives. She had so much fun!

I found this idea for friendship bracelets and jars of candy on Pinterest weeks ago. I don’t like doing candy very much in the Valentines so this was perfect. I decided to break out my thread and start picking colors… Fast forward to last night at 8:00 when I was making almost all of the bracelets and printing everything! I am guilty of major procrastination. I even had to get Hailey out of bed to write on all of the labels… Yeah that’s bad. But she wasn’t asleep yet so that’s ok, right?


So here are the lovely and colorful bracelets! I love the tag.

“Our Class would knot be the same without you!”

IMG_0950 edit

For the teachers, they got little mason jars full of chocolate.

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”

IMG_0952 edit

Hailey was very excited for her party!

IMG_0948 edit

I love how everything turned out. It was worth all of the time and work! I will make sure I plan ahead better next year.


Here are some Valentine’s from the past!


2014-02-09 19.52.13

2013 (Valentines from Kiwi Crate)

IMG_4867 edit

IMG_4860 edit

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!


Valentines Printables…

Friendship Bracelet Valentines from Dandee Designs

Teacher Valentine from Lil Mrs Tori

Bracelet Pattern from The Purl Bee

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Project… The Buddy Blanket

One day I was kind of thinking. It would be fun to do a little blanket swap with my buddy Rachel. She is really good at sewing and I know how to crochet so why not make each other blankets! I asked her about it and she was totally on board. We started discussing colors for each other and patterns.

I gave her my colors and said to just surprise me with the pattern. When it comes to quilts, I won’t be picky since I think most of them are really cool!

For Rachel's, she picked these colors (minus the taupe and orange color). Aren’t they cool??

nature hues


For the pattern, she chose a cool chevron pattern from here.

After we figured that all out, I went to Michael’s for yarn. I sent multiple pictures to Rachel while I was there and I ended up finding some pretty close!

IMG_0929 edit

I got 4 skeins of each color just to make sure I had enough. Oh and I also had a coupon so why not stock up?

Winking smile

IMG_0939 edit

I decided on acrylic just so it would be easy to wash and comfortable.

IMG_0942 edit

I’m really excited to make the blanket! I have already started and am figuring out the chevron groove. I can’t wait to see it finished. I need to keep my patience and motivation as I do this project. I have a hard time with blankets. I tend to get bored sometimes! But this is a cool pattern that keeps you thinking a little. I also am making it for Rachel and I am excited to give it to her!

Happy Monday Folks

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